The Team

Madeleine Duquenne

A real Swiss girl from Luzern, but fell in love with Italy. She is a professional chef and cooked for many decades for events and event restaurants all over Switzerland. Now she is taking care of the culinary needs of our guests, and is offering cooking courses for vegan yet very traditional Italian dishes. She is dedicated to show you (and the rest of the world), that vegan cuisine is so much more than salad and vegetables. And if Madeleine is not baking sourdough bread, pizza or preparing homemade pasta - she is out in the beautiful countryside with her camera. She loves of course the mountains as a Swiss girl - but lighthouses are her secret passion (as a photo object that is).

Joana Kruse

Joana's nationality is "European". Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and England she already called home. She is a professional travel and landscape photographer and published in many magazines, travel guides and newspapers around the globe. Also several hundred book covers are created by her. She was leading photo groups in England for many years and is now happy to offer her expertise to the guests in Umbria. Photo workshops and tuition can be arranged while staying at the Vegan Cypress. She loves (vegan) cooking and everything Italian. And being outside in the sun every possible minute. Umbria is for sure the right place for her passion.

The Vegan Cypress
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