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... holiday accommodation in umbria ...
Vegan Cypress Vegan Cypress Vegan Cypress
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You are going to fall in love...

Choose your romantic self-catered holiday accommodation in an authentic Umbrian farmhouse in the middle of an olive grove, close to the Lake Trasimeno. Close your eyes and feel the Italian sun on your skin. Listen to the wind which rustles through olive trees...  

Umbrian farmhouse Umbrian farmhouse
outdoor bed in olive grove outdoor dining in olive grove

Enjoy and relax in an olive grove...

Have your dinner or dream sweet dreams in your outdoor bed in the middle of the olive grove! And if you wonder – yes, you do have also indoor beds and dining tables.
But is there a better way to relax than in the pure nature?!?... 

Vegan or not - YOU are always welcome...

Have a tofu or a pork sausage on your BBQ and a soy or cow milk latte – that’s up to you! As long as you are happy - we are too. The "vegan" in our name does not (only) stand for a special diet - but for the attempt to offer tourism that is in harmony with nature, the traditions and the respect of the locals and their environment. And maybe our irresistible recipes can give you...

vegan barbecue Umbrian olive oil
Your adventure. Your choice.
Your adventure. Your choice.
La Torretta: 2 rooms + kitchen

1 bedroom + bed sofa   

max 4   


1 bathroom  

1 kitchen with dishwasher  


Price per night from 49 EUR.

"La Torretta" is a lovely apartment on two floors with 1 bedroom and a living room with bed sofa. You will get the most spectacular views over the Umbrian hills as far as Perugia and Assisi! It features a kitchen/dining area with dish washer. Upstairs is the sleeping/living area with french balcony and a newly refurbished bathroom.
More information and photos needed?   Details for  "La Torretta"

Il Rustico: 1 bedroom apartment

1 bedroom + 1 bed sofa   

max 3   


1 bathroom  

1 kitchen with dishwasher  


Price per night from 49 EUR.

"Il Rustico" will give you the real Umbrian feeling in an Italian style taverna converted into a lovely living place with spacious living area and 1 bed room! The spacious living area connects to the kitchen (with dishwasher) and features a dining table, a corner to relax with bed sofa, a fireplace and a tiled stove. The visible beams and arched ceiling add to the Umbrian feeling.
More information and photos needed?   Details for  "Il Rustico"

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The Green Heart.

The Region

Gubbio, Umbria Assisi, Umbria Tuscany

Umbria is the   green heart of Italy .
Unspoiled nature, rolling hills with vineyards and olive groves, medieval hill top towns and romantic castles.
No mass tourism.

The Vegan Cypress is located in a small village - Collesanto - in the municipality of Magione, a great location to discover Umbria, Le Marche, and Tuscany.
It is situated very close to the Lake Trasimeno, a wonderful opportunity for a refreshing bath or water sport.

Destinations like Perugia, Gubbio, The Sibillini Mountains, Arezzo, Assisi, Florence, Siena are easy to reach.
Have a look in the section "What to see" (above), we have put together some places which might be worth a visit.

There is a train station in Magione, so even Rome, Pisa, Lucca, Bologna etc. are reachable without car.
If you want to come by plane - the airports Florence, Rome, Bologna, or Perugia are close by.
Also the airport Pisa is not too far away.


What to see?

Florence, Tuscany Assisi, Umbria Perugia, Umbria

Tip: Play the game "Help Luigi" and you can not only win a 15% discount voucher for your next booking - during the game you will also discover the area with loads of photos and information.

The Vegan Cypress is located close to the most beautiful spots Italy has to offer.
We have put together a few spots that might interest you. Simply click on the photo spots icons to read more about the locations.

  • Lake Trasimeno
    Italy's fourth largest lake.
    In comparison with the other lakes in Italy, Lago Trasimeno is more natural and authentic, less spoilt by huge buildings.
  • around the lake
    Places of interest around the lake: Castiglione del Lago, Passignano, Monte del Lago, Isola Maggiore, Isola Polvese
    Many beaches for swimming and sunbathing, great for watersports.
  • mountains
    Lovely day out in the Appenines and Sibillini:
    Citta di Castello, Umbertide, Gubbio, Castelluccio
  • city tours
    Perugia, Siena, Assisi, Arrezzo, Florence, Rome
  • famous landscape
    Val d'Orcia, Crete Senesi, Appenines, Sibillini, and other famous landscape spots are easy reachable.
  • One day you could also just drive around - in every corner there is an old castle, impressive hill top villages, vineyards, olive groves, and quaint farmhouses.

Green Tourism

Tuscany Lake Trasimeno Tuscany

We want to invite our guests to support green (or eco-) tourism as much as we do. We owe it to the environment - but also to the local people of Umbria!

We all read a lot about ecotourism . But what does it actually mean?
Here some easy explained principles:

  • Benefits Local People
    “For lunch I will try out this little restaurant, owned by a local couple, which serves local dishes.”
    "For lunch I am going to buy a burger in my favourite fast food chain, which I know from home."
  • Sustainability
    "This is so beautiful here – I am glad they don’t give planning permission for big hotels in this landscape but only for small local houses."
    “I have heard they built this hotel below sea level; I am wondering how long it will stay since it is a flood risk area. But this year it’ll be fine for our holidays.”
  • Responsibility
    “I really enjoyed our party last night on the beach. It was easy enough to take a garbage bag and clean after ourselves, took only a few minutes because everybody helped.”
    “That was a great party last night. I am shocked though that the hotel didn’t clean up yet our mass we left – so many broken glasses, paper cups, plastic plates on the beach, we cannot even go for a sunbath today.”
  • Enjoyment with appreciation
    “Great holidays! We explored the area with an e-bike, visited several smaller and bigger towns and villages, hiked along the lake and up the mountains, talked to locals, learned even a few words of the local language, tried out almost all local food and drinks and the highlight was being a witness of a traditional ceremony.”
    “Great holidays! We got sunburnt at the hotel pool where we stayed almost a fortnight. Occasionally we did an organised group tour with other hotel guests to see the top tourist spots and take some selfies.”
  • Small Scale
    “We have chosen a small holiday complex which offers only a handful of holiday flats. Our excursions we will do individually. Locals won’t see us as tourists at the first glance, we try not to intrude.”
    “Our cruise ship can carry more than 1.000 people. I have heard we will visit a small village with the groups of the boat. We will be more tourists than locals.”

Where we are

The Vegan Cypress The Vegan Cypress The Vegan Cypress

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Simply yummy.
vegan eton mess

Vegan Eton Mess

Traditional English dessert - vegan version.


The traditional English dessert is usually anything but vegan. But just a few changes and you'll be amazed how easy it is to make this divine pudding all vegan. Summer is of course the best time for a typical Eton Mess, when all the fresh berries are harvested.
The recipe contains some alcohol. If you don't consume alcohol or cook for kids - just skip this, it's not that important (just adds a bit of taste).


Main Ingredients

berries ⁕ vegan yogurt ⁕ vegan meringue ⁕ amaretto

Full Instructions
Avocado Naan Bread

Avocado Naan Bread

Naan bread topped with spinach, avocado and chickpeas.


A perfect and healthy solution for a hearty breakfast, brunch or light lunch. Naan bread topped with spinach, avocado and chickpeas. This sandwich contains proteins and vitamins. It's filling but light and will keep you going for a few hours.
Sometimes it is difficult to find vegan naan bread. Many varieties are made with lard. But online you can find vegan naan. Or you can use small flatbreads as a substitute or a vegan wrap bread. (Or better yet - you make your own vegan naan, there are some very tasty recipes out there.)


Main Ingredients

naan bread ⁕ avocados ⁕ chickpeas ⁕ pine nuts

Full Instructions
asparagus quiche

Asparagus Quiche

Lovely combination of green asparagus and red onions.


Nice combination of green asparagus and red onions. With a filling that is very similar to a dairy quiche - thanks to Kala Namak (black salt), even with egg taste. A great spring or early summer dish for lunch or dinner. Try using silken tofu instead of regular tofu, combined with kala namak, white miso paste, and nutritional yeast. They come as close as possible to an egg and milk filling. The tapioca starch and chickpea flour help hold everything together, as does the egg white.
The combination of green asparagus and red onions is not only very pretty. It's also a great flavor addition. You can either make your own short crust (see recipe) or buy a ready-made crust from the supermarket.


Main Ingredients

short crust pastry ⁕ green asparagus ⁕ onions ⁕ silken tofu ⁕ miso paste ⁕ Kala Namak

Full Instructions
Spaghetti Cavolo Nero

Pasta Cavolo Nero

Pasta with an Italian variety of kale.


Cavolo Nero is a variety of kale that is widely used in Italian cuisine, particularly in Umbria and Tuscany. In this recipe we use spaghetti with Cavolo Nero to make it perfectly Italian. But of course you can have any pasta you like, short or long.
The green of the Cavolo and the red of the tomatoes, the white of the pasta ... yes, these are the Italian colors!


Main Ingredients

spaghetti ⁕ cavolo nero ⁕ cherry tomatoes ⁕ pine nuts ⁕ garlic

Full Instructions
More Recipes

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